Jiawei Zhao

I am a PhD candidate in the CMS department at Caltech, advised by Anima Anandkumar. During my PhD, I spent most of my time as an intern at NVIDIA Research. I am also collaborating with Atlas Wang at UT Austin, Beidi Chen at CMU, Florian Schäfer at Georgia Tech, and Yuandong Tian at Meta AI (FAIR).

I am interested in bridging hardware constraints with the principles of learning in neural networks. I focus on developing hardware-efficient learning algorithms that are principled and scalable for large-scale training, such as training large language models (LLMs). Check out my research for more details.

Reach me at firstname at caltech dot edu


May 02, 2024 GaLore is accepted by ICML 2024!
Apr 01, 2024 I will give a talk at MLSys’24 YPS about my recent works. Stay tuned for more details!
Mar 07, 2024 GaLore is released and try it out :sparkles: