Jiawei Zhao

I am a PhD candidate in the CMS department at Caltech, advised by Anima Anandkumar. During my PhD, I spent most of my time as an intern at NVIDIA Research. I am also collaborating with Atlas Wang at UT Austin, Beidi Chen at CMU, Florian Schäfer at Georgia Tech, and Yuandong Tian at Meta AI (FAIR).

I am interested in bridging hardware constraints with the principles of learning in neural networks. I focus on developing hardware-efficient learning algorithms that are principled and scalable for large-scale training, such as training large language models (LLMs). Check out my research for more details.

Reach me at firstname at caltech dot edu


May 13, 2024 I gave a talk at MLSys’24 about my recent work on Memory-Efficient LLM Training.
May 02, 2024 GaLore is accepted by ICML 2024 as Oral!
Mar 07, 2024 GaLore is released and try it out :sparkles: